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Please bring Don't Starve to Wii U!

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Hello, Klei.


I have been playing Don't Starve for a long time and it is one of my all time favourite games. As the title suggests, I don't have a suggestion for the game as such but more for Klei's games in general. 

Your games have a very distinct art style and gameplay to them. They aren't outragiously violent or offensive and (I am not entirely familiar with all your games entirely) generally appeal to a very wide age rating. 

I have recently recieved a Wii U and after looking around it's marketplace, the number of third party developers for the console is fairly low. I understand that along with Nintendo's... morality, shall I say, for the games they allow on their platform as well as the lower hardware specs the console holds, this can stop a lot of developers from going to Nintendo, but as far as I am aware these boundaries need not apply for Klei?


Playing with the Wii U, I see there should be good enough hardware to support Klei's games, as well as the Wii U's gamepad being an excelent opportunity to hold the inventory, crafting menu, map or even just to be able to use the gamepad to play instead of needing to use the TV screen. I have watched many Don't Starve videos on Youtube (Yes I know it is not entirely the same) and the whole screen is readable within the gamepad. Nintendo needs more great third party developers and I would love Klei to be among them. I use Don't Starve as my example because I am most knowledgeable with that game but I am sure others could give great examples as to how your other games could benefit from being on Nintendo platforms more than I could. I cannot stress enough how much I would love to be able to play Don't Starve on the Wii U(Or maybe even the 3DS, but that would require a bit of revision of the inventory/crafting mechanic) and I really hope there are enough people out there to convince Klei to give this a shot. It may even give Klei a better chance in countries where Nintendo have far more influence than PC, Xbox or Playstation.


Maybe Klei have already tried Nintendo that I haven't been able to find? I did look a little before I posted to see if this had been done before and found nothing, but if there is any news on this front at all, I would love to know. I am sorry for any mistakes, the Wii U text editor does not point out incorrect spelling.


A huge Don't Starve fan,


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