[Gameplay] - Removing hounds bugs sleeps


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Removing hounds bugs sleeps

Issue Description: When creating a server, setting hounds to 'none' always bugs sleep mode, you will never be able to sleep on the server because you are 'in danger.' I tested this on survival mode.

I will not attach a file as it is really easy to reproduce this annoying bug.

Additionally, I have a request, can you please provide a option to change both hound amount and time between hound attacks in world options?



Steps to Reproduce: 1) Start game > Play > Host Server

2) Press on empty slot > Edit world

3) Set Hounds = 'none'

This should reproduce the result. If you would like to test quickly, use the method I used by doing the following:

4) Set Day = 'Only Night'

5) Spawn your character (I used WX78 and Wilson)

6) Use console to give yourself strawroll (c_give 'bedroll_straw').

7) Try to sleep, you will notice the bug immediately.

Once again, tested on survival, no mods.

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I was going to report the same :)


I think it's due to how Tents and Bedrolls behave. In SGWilson.lua , this following condition is always true because with spawnmode = "never", hounded's timetoattack may be always 0

if hounded and (hounded:GetWarning() or hounded:GetTimeToAttack() <= 0) then    danger = trueend

Just a Theory, haven't tried replacing those lines

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