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Character creation alignment issues

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Well.... I used the extended character creation template, I followed the tutorial step by step, but something went horribly wrong. everything was going fine up until the art. I used the original drawings on everything but the head. All i did was change colors and for the feet I used Wilson's'. I used spriter to align all the parts and then ran it through Don't Starve, but when I tested it on DST it came out looking like some sort of monster. The hair is misaligned, the legs are invisible, The torso on front and side for some reason are wide smears, and on the side view the eye is wonky and his front hand is missing. for some reason the legs apear only when he runs.


How he is supposed to look.



how he came out.



I'd appreciate any help, thank you

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The alignment of parts is determined by the pivots, so moving around the parts in Spriter wouldn't work.

There's also a certain atlas size that seems to glitch the template. If you made any part smaller or removed any part, there's a chance you have encountered that glitch.

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