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Okay, so, I have some ideas that I want to add to my character someday, and I'm pretty terrible at coding so far. I'm hoping to find someone who is somewhat experienced with coding/modding who can help me create a really unique character that will be available for public download both on this forum site, and the steam workshop. 
Right now, I have a base character that is up for download on the steam workshop. Her name is Lola, and she is basically coded as a Willow clone at the moment. I'd like to add new perks, take away a bit of Willow's perks, and then introduce SIX followers for this specific character.
What I need, is someone that can help me code specific features for each of these follower creatures, and maybe even help a little with the animation. Although I can draw decently, I'm still not great at it, and I'm even worse at actually animating something.

Here is an entire list of what I'm aiming to have for this character to be complete.

Things I put in BOLD are things I am going to need help with, by someone who is willing to collaborate with me on this project. Things in ITALIC are things I'm still unsure about.

Updated sanity tuning/Might remove the nervous fire-setting.
Updated in-game sprite, might change my art style in-game a bit.
Custom idle animation -- I cannot animate for the life of me.
Onesie jumper with cat ears on the hood -- Adds to character walk/run speed and a small amount to attack power.  I have no idea how to add this item to her character as an armor set with custom perks. I definitely need help with this.
Inability to pick up Chester's summon rod. She will not be able to use Chester at all, because she will have another follower with storage space his size.
New perk -- Has kittens that help in different ways.
Not quite sure, yet, but I'm thinking that these will be their abilities:
1 - Noxx: Extra Storage (Chester sized inventory) Very small attack power, but defends Lola against aggressive mobs.
2 - Thanatos: Defense against oncoming threats/helping to attack aggressive mobs - Medium/Small ATK power.
3 - Artemis: Hunts for nearby food (rabbits/turkey etc.) and gathers the loot into another (small) storage compartment.
4 - Sofus: Seeks out useful items/loot such as rocks with gold in them when nearby.
5 - Vulkan: Fire cat, for extra light casting range for adventuring at night without having to hold a torch/lighter to keep Charlie away.
6 - Lilli: "Ghost" cat who prevents Lola from having nightmares.
All kittens will be immune to fire damage.

I am very much hoping to release a partner character mod for her, which will be made for my fiance, since this was made for myself mainly to be able to play as myself in-game. His character's "release date" is still to-be-determined. This depends on the extent that someone will go with me in a collaboration. I would love to have them help me create a character for my fiance, for his birthday. His birthday is on July 29th, so we still have quite a long time to get everything done together. There is NO RUSH WHATSOEVER with this collaboration. It's all on our own schedules, whenever we have the time to help each other, but we HAVE to be dedicated enough to actually get it done, and not lose touch with one another, or lose focus on the goal.
If someone is able to help with the coding process, and in return wants art for their OWN character mod, I'd gladly help them out as well in return for the help provided to me.
MY MAIN FOCUS IS THE KITTEN FOLLOWERS, and my SECOND focus would be my second character, which can be discussed thoroughly with whoever is interested in helping me.

Please take the time to consider helping me release a unique playable character to the steam workshop for Don't Starve Together. Any help is very much appreciated, as I'm still VERY new to the modding process of this game.
Thank you so much in advance for any help I receive, and thank you for taking the time to read this, even if you don't decide to collaborate with me.
I hope to hear from someone soon!


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I'm hoping to make Noxx first, which will be an almost exact clone of Chester, with different art/animations.
I want him to be immune to fire, though, unlike chester. I also want him to be able to attack at a small strength, so it doesn't make him overpowering. I have a general idea for him in mind, and I'm hoping to find someone who can help me script the code right.

- I want him to spawn in with my character-- not to be summoned or found on the map.

- If the player gets attacked Noxx will attack the creature.

- If Noxx gets too hurt he will start to run away so as not to lose everything in the container if he dies.

- If Noxx dies, the player will lose sanity.

- The amount of damage Noxx does should be low, so he isn't overpowered enough to be used as a tank/distraction while the player does nothing.

- When the mouse is placed over Noxx, it should display a health bar to see how much health he has.

- His health should slowly regenerate, enough that he would be back to full health in 3-4 days if he is attacked until close to death.
- His chest space will be the same amount as Chester's, and his sleep/follow times will be the same as well.


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