Little Bro's World (part 2)

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So tonight things where different. My brother had to work and I was waiting for him, so I thought let me just start up the world and build a base. This time i picked wickerbottom. I haven't played with her much but her books are really powerful. 


The first days where a breeze, got loads of resources and mapped out like 85% of the world. I found a nice savannah biome which was 1 biome away from loads of beefaloo, 1 biome away from swamp( wicker bottom needs loads of reeds for her books) 2 biomes away from a rocky biome and 3 biomes away from pig village and MacTusk.


The base was coming along real nice. I got 6 impr. farms, 8 drying racks, 3 crockpots, 1 fridge, 30 berry bushes 40 twigs and 40 grass all fertilized, a lightning rod science machine and alchemy engine just for the book on tentacles. I just had time to get 2 bee boxes up for i had to prep for winter that was coming in 3 days.


I murdered 1 off the beefaloo and was lucky i got the horn on the first kill. That night was all about shaving beefaloo. So it was winter in 2 days and got a winter hat and beefaloo hat. I had to go so wicker bottom had to wait and would next time have a friend to play I thought!


I waited for 2 days but since my brother is a cook in a fancy restaurant he had to work again and again. So I couldn't wait no more and proceeded on alone. I looked at the wiki about the books and wanted to use the book on tentacles. Just to get some defense for our base. I went to the pig village and used the book.

3 tentacles spawned and the pigs started to attack them. There where about 8 pigs. A massacre followed and 4 pigs died and 3 tentacles. They left me some tentacle spikes(3). I used the book again and the rest of the pigs where killed. I went back to our base knowing this book could be the best thing in the game.


So back at base i used the next 2 days to manage our food and stockpile on resources for winter. i also had some time left so I dug up some of the carpets and the checkered flooring and fancied up our base.

Winter started and the first thing i wanted to do was kill Mactusk. While i was traveling to him i found a breezy vest. MacTusk thought he could surprise me but i knew where he was so i put on my log suit and football helmet. I chased mactusk and he ran so i killed off his hounds first. Mactusk was next but the fool ran into 2 clockwork bishops. They killed Mactusk and then got killed by spiders. So nice when u don't have to battle.


Mactusk only dropped the tusk, but it was a start. I gathered the loot and fought off some spiders. I went back to base real happy about the tusk and the gears i got so i could finally make some more fridges. i made the walking cane and the fridges and thought by myself why didn't i make it easy for myself and spawn some tentacles near mactusk. Well it didn't matter. i had the walking cane, winter gear, lots of food and a good base going. Can't wait for my brother to see that i do better without him:P haha..


So the next few days where about collecting and managing resources. We'll need much more wood for chests since we only had 3 and chester. I logged off knowing my brother would go crazy when he saw what i did, the base i build and the stuff i got for him. So waiting...................... To be Continued! 


Ps. I'll add some pictures later

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