[Gameplay] - temp KO stopping fails CFO mission erroneously

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: temp KO stopping fails CFO mission erroneously

Issue Description: In the brain hacking missions you have to stay in range of a KO'd enemy. Based on the dialog the agent clearly isn't the hacking agent, they're just acting as a relay for the handler or for Incognita so whether the agent is conscious or not shouldn't stop the hack as long as their body is still in range.

Steps to Reproduce: start Chief Financial Officer mission

KO the CFO

drag the CFO to a safe armed with a gas canister

trigger the gas canister

notice that she complains that you're out of range, even though you're directly on top of the CFO

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On a possibly related note:  I had a CFO mission where the timer disappeared on me.  I got no warnings or explicit mention of how or why I failed.  The similarity to the OP's experience is that I had dragged the CFO far from where I had knocked him unconscious.  If the game is dropping an anchor point on the environment because it isn't possible to use the CFO body to measure a distance, you'll want to change the fiction to reflect this.


"Incognita is using your transceiver to access his neural implants.  Remain in position and keep still."


Or you could add a second layer of difficulty - if six turns just isn't long enough - and require us to drag the CFO's body somewhere to get a better signal.

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