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So basically me and my mates booted up the LAN world and we were all going great, as the person with the most experience with single player I was 'group leader'. Everything was going great, the first while of collection and barely having the hunger to survive passed and we had plenty of food, farms etc. somehow, the Treeguard appeared and we were armed with just spears and log suits. We all had to kite it around the campfire, slowly becoming insane, in the end 2 people died, the entirety of our crops burnt, I was running across the map chased by shadow creatures trying to find flowers to stay sane. Needless to say we were to heartbroken to continue for the rest of the night.

Great game klei! enjoying it.

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Killing treeguards is not the best option as living logs are nearly useless early game.  A live treeguard, on the other hand, will kill hounds, sometimes spiders, and even deerclops!  Just be careful when kiting the monsters into attacking the treeguard.


Highlight the text if you don't mind spoilers/tips.

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