[Gameplay] - Possible problem with hounds spawning?


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Bug Submission: <br /><br />Category: Gameplay<br />Issue Title: Possible problem with hounds spawning?<br />Issue Description: I'm not sure if this is really a bug but a friend and I have been playing on several maps now and have notice a real lack of hounds. We get an attack around day 10 with two and maybe another attack of four around day 20...sometimes. We're over day 50 now on the most recent map and we haven't seen a single hound since day five! It's nice to have the peace and quiet, I guess, but the game almost seems too easy without them lol<br />Steps to Reproduce: We're running with no mods and only 'more carrots' selected in world creation. It seems to be a trend in the five or so maps we've played. The first round comes and maybe a second but then never again.<br />
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