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Bro's World!

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Once upon a time 2 brothers thought they would play some don't starve. One had a lot of playing hours and the other one not so much. They made a new server since the other one was getting more and more lagging.

So we started and scattered, to discover the secrets of this kingdom. Little did i know that this is going to be a total rage quit for me. We found loads of resources, some clockwork guys(we would kill them later)beefaloo pig villages almost everything.


So we started building our base on day 5. I wanted it to look fancy so got around 150+ rocks and around 20 marble to make walls and checkered flooring. We made crockpots, drying racks, farms, beehives and loads of chest. We even got some magic going with the prehistitator. We had 9 chest full with rabbits. I ate some raw green mush to lose loads of sanity and what do i found out!!!!........No beardlings even at 0 Sanity.


I thought by myself all this work collecting rabbits, just for nothing(well as food is also a bit useful, but we had loads of it).I knew we could collect evil flowers for making nightmare fuel. So we went to get some evil trees and the evil flowers that surround them. While we where going that way we came across the maxwell set piece with 4 clockwork guys and 1 rook. We still need some more fridges since we just had 1 gear out of a grave. Our tactic was to lure the rook into the clockwork guys, which i had done 100+ times in single player.

The first guy went down really easy, he took some more hits than normal but that the difference between dst and ds. The next second my brother started to confuse the rook and it was chasing him. I went for one of the other guys.....


I know there kiting tactic and it's real easy if you don't get lag...... -.-

What happened was i started to kite him i realized the game was a bit slow so i only hit him 1 time before pushing back and let him miss his attack. This went fine so i started to do 2 times and got hit and it broke my helmet. At this moment the connection was failing and would walk and just as quick be back where I was. I got hit 2 times while the clockwork guy was like 7 steps away. I got annoyed and told my brother he had to restart the server. I got a bit away to the edge of the maxwell set piece and logged off and waited for him to start up the server again.


The moment i went back in again the reaper awaits me. With just little bit of health and no armour i thought just run away to base but i didn't know the rook was still chasing my brother and he ran him right into me.....BAM!.........I was dead :( I was so pissed about this lag and the stupid mistakes we made by not communicating more , that i was done with it. Log off. End Game. I know for Sure!


(Apologies for my english i'm dutch so don't watch grammar plz:) )


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