[Server Crash] - Can't reconnect to the server


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Can't reconnect to the server

Issue Description: Me and my friend started to play Don't Starve Together. I hosted the server and he connected easily.

After a few hours of playing we decided to take a break and log off from the server.

On the next day my friend couldn't connect to the server. I've sent an invitation to him, but when he clicked "Join" nothing happend.

He still can connect to other servers and to the new server hosted by me. But he cant reconnect to the servers after logging off from them.

Same problem for me.

It seems like a regional problem, because both of us can reconnect to servers of other players.

And another thing - we don't see our servers in the server list.

Steps to Reproduce: Join server of my friend - log off from server - try to reconnect to the server

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