[Gameplay] - Unable to log in to Klei Servers on Don't Starve Together


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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Unable to log in to Klei Servers on Don't Starve Together

Issue Description: I loaded up Don't Starve Together with ease and get to the main menu, but the game repeatedly tells me that I am unable to connect to the Klei Servers. It says that I am online on Steam in green in the top left yet I still cannot connect. It displays the 'Logging In...' icon for a fraction of a second before then saying I am unable to access the Klei Servers again. This has been shown multiple times due to the numerous times I have attempted to play the multi-player Don't Starve; being a fan of the single player version I am quite upset that I yet have not been able to experience it with my friends. Additionally, I have attempted join friends' sessions through invites and games in general in an attempt to skirt around this issue but it displays the 'Logging In..' icon again and the music ends up looping on an unnatural note. So it essentially freezes and I cannot do anything about it. I hope you can help resolve my problem, thank you and of course, Merry Christmas!

Steps to Reproduce: I was just trying to access the Klei Servers on Don't Starve Together but I honestly have no better knowledge of this to provide you with steps to take.

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