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Nice game ya got here :)

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Just dropped in to say I'm very impressed by the art design and the current game play features. I look forward to more updates and more stuff to do :)

Lessie.... I found this game because someone mentioned it on the Gnomoria forums in a list of indie survival games to look forward to. It's nice to find one that is playable. I've been on a 'survival game' kick for about 11 months now. I'm rabidly waiting for Miasmata to come out and Tokyo Jungle comes out on Tuesday for those that have a PS3.

As for the game itself, I believe I am on day 16 and after 4 deaths I think I'm getting somewhere! I have a camp with a science machine, an effigy, 4 magic farm plots and 4 chests. I'm currently branching out to make this same setup on each island. Strangely enough, I do not have a tent yet, but I will Soon! Spiders just need to stop dropping meat. XD

So far, discovering the fact that I can shave beefalo while they are sleeping has been the most amusing part of the game. They look so sad when they wake up and it's priceless.

Thanks for the game!

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