[General] - Server inaccessibility after closing the server


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Server inaccessibility after closing the server

Issue Description: After playing a while, my friend and I will take a break from our DST game and disconnect ourselves from our server. (Normally i host) He will DC first and then I.

Now, when we want to continue our game, he can't find the server. (I password protect it and only allow "friends" to play) However still, he can't find it

Normally, this happens when we survive for more than 10 days.

We play online. We haven't tried LAN playing yet

Steps to Reproduce: Host server over internet.

Password protect it

Max two players only.

Survive more than 10 days

Disconnect (non-host player, then, host player)

Resume server,

Non-host player searches for server with filters (friends playing, password protected, name)

What normally happens: non-host player cannot find said server

Please help

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