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Rabbit holes and doors

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So, I had some suggestions so that we can improve Don't Starve Together and possibly Don't Starve itself.


My first suggestion is that we have doors.

The way I'd think of it is a kind of wall that you can walk through by opening it and you can close it as well

That way you can have certain animals in pens (e.g. Koalefants) and not have to break a wall every time you want to harvest the resources.


My second suggestion is that we make rabbit holes able to respawn.

I'm not talking about instant creation and it happens in an instant, but it should take some time so at the very least we can have rabbit holes created in locations we want.  I would recommend we have it, and it could take a while to create it or have specifics you need to do before the rabbit hole is created.


I would love it if Klei Entertainment took these suggestions and even implemented them.

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