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The Don't Starve Zoo/Museum/Amusement Park

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Did the Deerclops ruin your base AGAIN? Did you die by darkness? Do you need a place to chillax, share your stories, and just relax with other players? Then come to The Don't Starve Amusement Park! With free food, It's a great place to talk with other players, share experiences, and look at trapped koalefants!


Higgsbury entertainment is not responsible for any escaped beefalo during mating season or damage to property or person, nor any food poisoning from stale/spoiled food. 


Search: "The Don't Starve Amusement Park"

Ideas appreciated!




PSA: If the server's down, I probably crashed the game by trying to set my maximum health super high.


!!Status Updates!!


Discarding old map due to winter snow making it impossible to build. New map will be only summer.

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