I was just a mere ghost...

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It was my first time in this harsh world with others... I thought I'd be better off by myself at first so I wandered into the dark with only my torch and dreams...

How wrong I was....


I came to in a burnt down forest with a scorched skeleton and the words "I feel I could have prevented that..." echoing throughout my concious.


I wandered aimlessly occasionally letting out some Oooh's and Oh's. Twas quite lonely being a ghost.


Suddenly a small blonde girl approached me with her little robotic friend. I was so happy to see people, even if one was just a robot. I let out some Ooh's just like I had before in hopes my words would reach them.


Without hesitation the robot sacraficed some of its robotic life force to restore me to my human form.


I was human once more! How I longed for the sense of touch!  My newfound companions and myself then set off into the world later to only have them both die to this harsh harsh world....


How I miss my friends.


sad_wilson_by_russiafan0801-d64sbia.jpgCredit to russiafan0801 for the art, Check em out on Deviant Art :D

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