[Gameplay] - Nightmares would not despawn and remain aggressive


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Nightmares would not despawn and remain aggressive

Issue Description: While playing my character's (WX 70) sanity dropped to below 30 (about 15) and i went insane, nightmares (the large ones with multiple legs) spawned and attacked as usual. i i attacked one a couple of times and then ran away to pick flowers to raise the sanity. upon returning to the camp (nightmare was offscreen while i was picking flowers) with over 60 sanity the nightmare was still there and still aggressive, when it attacked my character it did damage and then immidiately did its teleporting animation and then dissapeared.

Steps to Reproduce: drop sanity until nightmares spawn and regain it with flowers while nightmare offscreen, return to se if nightmare still present.

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