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Hi, I'm recruiting for an East coast server called perfection. I'm looking for 3-4 other dedicated people to play with. If you are interested, please fill out the application form like so.


Steam i.d:



What hours of the day/week are you active:

A little bit about yourself:

Are you able to follow the rules listed below?




1. Be mature, not a ******. The goal of this server is to survive as a small knit community, not running around burning all the trees.


2. Type in comprehensible sentences. I'm not asking you to have perfect grammar. Jus dun tipe lik dis.


3. Have fun.


Note: If any of the applicants are able to keep the server up 24/7, I don't mind co-hosting (is that the term?) if the sever is

1. Password protected to keep out the griefers.

2. Non-pvp, I don't want us accidentally killing each other.

3. In east coast NA, or at least NA due to latency reason.

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