[General] - Can't Connect To Klei & Now My Account Is Missing


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Category: General

Issue Title: Can't Connect To Klei & Now My Account Is Missing

Issue Description: Was playing on a friends server and when he loss sound in the game he closed and reopened it. After he reopened him and my other friend were able to get back in the game and I couldn't connect to the klei servers makeing it so i could only play in offline mode. After waiting 4 hours I tried getting back on but had the same problems connecting to klei. Now when i try to sign in i get a prompt asking me to make a new account as if i never made one before . So even though i had an account before now i dont and when trying to make a new one i get a dead link. Need help cause theyre able to play and i cant

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start DST on steam

2. Click Play

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