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Our journey began with taking everything we could find and combining our strenght to survive so we could explore. Our journey ended on day 5 when suddenly a couple of hounds appeared and ended our travels. 


Our second journey was more productive although we had an extreme shortage of foodsources. We found bunnies, but they proved quite dificult to chase into a trap. We died of starvation eventually. 


The third started of normally with us collecting wood, food, stones, grass and twigs. Everything went fine until i met a horde of spiders with 2 yellow ones. Apperently these things jump. I learned the hard way. I then haunted a tree wich became a guard wich then killed my friend. 


I really enjoy it already although we're gonna have to find a way to work togheter and survive. 


Dr Monkey

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Protip for bunnies: when you chase them, they will always run in the direction of their respective hole.


Treeguards get upset when you hurt nature. Try appeasing them by planting trees for the ones you cut down. It might also be beneficial for you to think of creative ways to utilize their brute strength.


The yellow ones do jump. You can catch spiders in traps btw.

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