[Gameplay] - extraction mission target falling unconscious

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: extraction mission target falling unconscious

Issue Description: I was on the final extraction mission when my two agents and my target all got hit with a flash grenade.

I got the message saying that I failed and should retreat. All of the guards ignored my unconscious bodies and kept moving around and ultimately left me alone (I don't think they saw my bodies).

My agents and the target all got back up, and I proceeded to the elevator and escaped, and then got the mission accomplished text since I also got the target out.

So, I was told I lost because the target fell unconscious, but he got up after two turns and I was able to escape with him and it counted.

Steps to Reproduce: get to current final mission, have target knocked out by flash bang, get the failure message, then escape with the target to get the success message.

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