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Attempting to remove item preview when placing objects - Help?


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So I'm pretty new to modding and have been searching through most of the lua scripting, I've been able to do a few mod tweaks to a couple of mods I use but now I'm attempting to, as the title says, remove the item preview you get when for example planting grass.


The item's inventory slot image will hover over the green "ghost" effect you get when planting and makes seeing where the object will go difficult. I use the Assisted Geometry mod, so when I place things, I'd like to see exactly where I'm placing them and this "preview image" is pretty annoying at times.


My main issue is I can't seem to find where the code determines said previews. I've looked in the following luas: Inventory, deployable, builder, playercontroller + many others




I don't like the inventory image appearing over the green placement effect, would like it gone, but can't figure out how, any help would be great!!


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