[Exploit] - Can't die because wake up


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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Issue Title: Can't die because wake up

Issue Description: I'm sorry for my bad English, i hope you'll understand:

So, i had my hunger and heal set to 0, i can't do something, only walking and Watch, the frogs and every agressive animals don't attack me, but mob like guard pig and beefaloo keep the "warning" animation but don't attack, the fire can't kill me, nothing could kill me, it's like i was a zombie, death but still alive.

i didn't think to take a screenshot, so i'm sorry.

Steps to Reproduce: I wanted to die by starving while sleeping (with the straw roll), it's was nigh, my friend as a ghost was playing with me while i'm going to die, WHILE i'm a the death animation, the day come and my character stopped the death animation and Wake up. I was the host of the server so i don't think this could be a lag exploit.

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