Turkey feathers

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I feel as though Turkey Feathers would be a great additive to the game. Not sure what you could do with them, just a suggestion.

Since turkeys are really annoying and the only reason I end up killing them is so they dont eat all the carrots and berry trees. Having something to collect from them to use later on can a good incentive to go looking for them!

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Yeah, turkey feathers sounds very logical but, of course, the devs have a ton of priorities right now. These features may very well be implemented when the devs have most of the important issues straighten out. Remember, this game has a TON of potential, and the devs are taking one or two things at a time. It's not a matter of copy and paste procedure; adding or subtracting features has to fit nicely, without glitches with the rest of the gameplay mechanics. Think of game programming as an ecosystem where one alteration affects the whole game.

In any case, great idea, and great that you posted the idea, and I hope the devs implement turkey feathers in the future.

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