[Have] Don't Starve + Metro 2033 (key) [W] Arma 2 Combined Operation or other games


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I am looking for any steam games except dota and humble bundles games since I already have them. I would perefer trading my Don't Starve for Arma 2 CO but if you don't have that game, you can offer me anything you fancy. I will also throw in a Metro 2033 key if you offer is very good. My steam name is Arkantos1

Feel free to add me as a friend.

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Offer of the day. 6$ game for 15$.

I said you could offer me any other games. My offer is not outrageous, I seen people offering much higher price game for Don't Starve. It is not the price that matters here, it is what you like to play. Stop looking a values and start looking at entertainment.

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