[Gameplay] - Issues regarding guard behaviors

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Issues regarding guard behaviors

Issue Description: 1. At the alarm level 3 and 4, a new guard would spawn and head to where he is interested in. Before the update 7, when I observed the guy, I could see where he was headed to marked by a question mark. Now the question mark doesn't show and I can only know its path for the next turn and whether the guy is a patrolling guard or a stationary one. I wonder if this is a bug or an intended update so that it would get more difficult to predict the guard's next movement.

2. Also after the update 7, the guards would bypass the fallen guards and notice it after its intended movement is made, not reacting to the guard right at its sight. This issue did not happen very often and I can't recall it precisely, but some guards would turn around after he has moved to a spot.

3. There were a few times when the guard would notice the agents when they were not supposed to. For example, in the detention cell, the captain would investigate a point and notice an agent who was standing behind him.

Steps to Reproduce: All of them happen without specific reasons, so I don't know how to reproduce them. For example, issue 1 happens every time a guard spawns. The other cases are random.

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