Looking for UK Traders

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These forums seem pretty dead, but still have hundreds of views, so im reaching the conclusion that random people are just searching links on search engines and finding these pages, without actually signing up and getting involved.


Anyway, im looking to set up a group of traders exclusively in the UK, to help get collections finished with minimal cost and time.


reach me at thebixnix (at) Hotmail (dot) com if your interested in trades or are just planning to buy or sell in the distant future (currently have spares of wx-78, wolfgang and pigman)


message me anytime, cheers

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Would you include traders from Germany, too?

A parcel to the UK is 3,45 EUR (so less than 3 pounds), don't know how much it is the other way, though.


I've got a Pigman and a Woodie and am (like most people) looking for a Wilson.

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Another Brit here. I have Woodie for sale, which I'd also be willing to trade.


Hi, I'm in the UK. I have Wilson, Chester and Woodie for sale, I don't need any.



I'd like to buy your Wilson, if that's possible! How much are you selling him for?

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