[Gameplay] - Spontaneous "Night"


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Spontaneous "Night"

Issue Description: I was playing with my friend, because he recently got his Beta Keys, and he told me this happened while we were playing. This didn't happen to me, but happened to him in the same game as me. We were walking around, gathering resources, general early-game things, picking up food, grass, twigs, and the like. For no reason, it seemed to turn to night for him on-screen, even though the in-game clock said day, and it was day time for me. It wasn't only a graphical bug, because Charlie started to attack him, and it lit the screen when he placed a campfire. It was as if night happened, because it wanted to, and only for him. This is the best I can describe from what he told me while we were playing.

Steps to Reproduce: I haven't had time to attempt to reproduce this, and I'm not certain what the cause was the begin with.

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