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Category: General

Issue Title: Random Disconnected Issue

Issue Description: Soon after I hosted a game, my friend joins. They are then kicked in less than a minute. They are still in a perfectly functional voice call at the time and have the ability to browse the internet, however they are disconnected by the server.

Steps to Reproduce: We were in a voice call at the time. I hosted the server and they joined. Less than 2 minutes later they were disconnected for no apparent reason. However they can still browse the internet.

I believe their internet drops out at random points, and the game is disconnecting them when it happens. However, these moments are short as they are not removed from the hangouts call and can still browse the internet. This happens in other games we play such as Monaco. However, when we play Team Fortress 2 they are never disconnected randomly. I was wondering if there was something on your end you may be able to do to fix this.



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