[General] - Loss of items on disconnection


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Loss of items on disconnection

Issue Description: My friend was hosting a server and her computer overheated and crashed causing the server to kick me out. I had just died and resurrected, regrabbing my items, when I went back in to her world it had rolled back for her a bit. Unfortunately for me, I had still died (my skeleton was still there), but all my items were gone. As Willow I also lost her lighter in the process. They were nowhere on the map and nowhere near where I died or any place I had been before.

Steps to Reproduce: Die.

Resurrect with the heart.

Regather some or all of the items dropped due to death.

Have the host's game crash (either through a force shutdown or other means).

Come back in - all items will be gone for players that are NOT the host.

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