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[Suggestion] Grave's item are sooooo cool!

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Plz Klei! Allow us to play something with the fake kazoo. I'm not sure if using a Kazoo increase or decrease my sanity? xD  But I want to make some beautifull sound with that instrument! I want to use it to reveal my position to the other around me! I want to talk with blue bird. I want... I want it to be real! 



Playing with the ball and cup is useless but really fun! You should try. 



Do you know that if you combine a Gnome and a spear you obtain the perfect gardien for your base? The warrior gnome is the nemesis of hounds. hey run away from that cute little threat. The only problem with your new friend is that he move when there is no light. 



One day, WX-78 will find a way to revive his little friend the Lying Robot. Oh yes, one day he will ! 

Sometime, I would love to have a way to punish some player. Maybe if I craft a voodoo doll with these Mismatched buttons, I could use it to indulge my machiavellian idea. I would not want it to turn again me. 

Eating melting marble could be a stupid way to die. Thing about it...




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