[Graphics] - weird graphic bug, only on mac book air

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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: weird graphic bug, only on mac book air

Issue Description: Hi,

I have a very weird rendering bug on my mac book air, that appeared on the red eye update or the current one. I don't have this issue on my mac pro.

Some tiles miss their red overlay (watched) . For example in the linked screen shot the red camera in the first room should make the tiles red ( tooltip are correct and show "watched"). And the second room should be all red instead of having a strange pattern. It sometime happens that tiles that shouldn't be red ( not watched by anyone/anything) are red.

Prior to this update the game worked fine on this computer.

I tried to use the "Delete Local Content" command and redownload the game, but the problem persisted, then I deleted the /Document/Klei/InvisibleIn. Savegames did disappear but not the bug.

The bug appear in fullscreen and windowed mode

Both machines run yosemite 10.0.1

I tested on the same mac book air with windows, and there is not bug.

The mac book air is a late 2010 model with 320m graphics.

Please let me know if I can help you further.

Steps to Reproduce: launch a game. check red floor tiles.

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