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Childhood Mod Request?

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Hello all modders out there! Now I love Don't Starve and all it's aspects but as of recently I've been reliving my childhood by watching the show Yu-Gi-Oh. It got me to thinking that Yugi Moto would be a perfect canidate to try and survive in the Don't Starve universe. Now I have no experiance whatsoever with modding so I figured I'd try and offer a challenge to all the modders on the site. I would love to see a character mod for Yugi if possible. Possible stat and starter items are as follows:


Hunger: 150


Health: Yugi 85/ Atem 100


Sanity: Yugi 250/ Atem 300


Starting Items: Millenium Puzzle, Dark Magician (Card)


I thought it would be cool to be able to have Yugi be able to transform into his "other self" by using the Millenium Puzzle and to be able to summon the Dark Magician using the card. I really don't know what would be a good idea for durability for the Millenium Puzzle but the card would be infinite with the balance of costing sanity to use similar to to Maxwell's Mind Fragment ability. Alos the reason for such a high Sanity is due to the fact that there are two minds residing inside Yugi


Now this is only an idea and any creative input and critcisim is highly welcomed but I really hope something like this can come to fruition.

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