Character Idea: Watton, The Shadowguard

Should he be added?  

  1. 1. Should Watton be added?

    • YES! Love this idea it's perfect!
    • Great Idea! Needs a little work though
    • So-So I think Wattons a bit overbalanced
    • Sorry but no. Too OP/Too Weak

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Perks and Debuffs:

Has Shadowy Friends

Has a Massive Appetite

Loves the dark, Hates the rain

Has the Tenebrae Fames


Shadow Tentacle has a 10% chance of spawning to defend Watton. Has a mini Crawling Horror as a follower.

(Can attack)

Has the Tenebrae Fames. Like Wickerbottom's book. Infinite durability. Drains 100 sanity per use. Effect: When used 2 nightmare fuels will spawn near Watton.

Has a 10 sanity per minute during Night


Due to the strength needed to stay in the physical world he loses hunger 2x faster. Effect stops after 100 hunger

Loses 5 sanity per second when wet. Starts after 40

Stats: Watton

Health: 100


Sanity: 170

Stats:Crawling Horror


Damage: 20

Special Abliity: Regen( 5 health/per second) Respawns every 2 days.

Speed: Slighly faster than walking speed

Stats: Shadow Tentacle



Speed: Unable to move

Description of Watton: Due to being a Shadow Creature Watton is slightly Transparent. He is very wolf-like. Has a snout,tail,and wolf ears. Also has hind legs. Pupils are white and large. He wears no clothes due to being a Shadow Creature. Body is midnight black.

Personality: Watton describes fellow Shadow Creatures as puppets. Showing that he is a rebel Shadow Creature. Due to him being once a mind-less puppet he is very curious and knows nothing but magic. He does not know how to deal with pain making him want to inflict pain on those who cause it to him

(Maxwell). Other than that Watton is barely discovering emotions.

So that's my idea. Tell me what you think about it. :)

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