Ironman rename and mapping suggestion

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In terms of espionage-y names to replace ironman, redacted sounds good off the top of my head. What sounds better, though, is if the rewind feature was toggleable and it was called REDACTED.


Also, I drafted this post a month back and I'm rushed so this suggestion is going to be sorta quick: It'd be neat to have an "interrogate" feature that automatically bumped the danger level up but gave you a marker that pointed out where the "objective" of the level is located.


I airquoted objective because most of the valuable stuff usually comes from just exploring a level. Essentially, the mapping feature would cut your potential exploration time in favor of pointing you in the direction of where you need to go.


Besides the random safe loot, you'd also still have to explore your way to the exit which would keep the exploration mechanic completely in-tact.


Also, the rewind button is great and thanks for adding it. Most of my deaths would come from an unconsidered misclick.


It really seems like you folks are pinning down the parts of this game that aren't XCOM. Everything that you've added since I hopped on board has been A+ and I am sending you powerful chi energy as we speak.


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