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Character Idea - The Chef/Cook/Stove

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Character Idea - The Chef/Cook/Stove Thing...?

This is just a little mock up of what I would love my character to look like. The basic idea is that this character is a walking Crock Pot and maybe light source? I haven't thought too much into this, I just had an idea and thought I would share it to see what feedback I get.

(Side-note: I don't know if this type of mechanic is already implemented into a character within the game; if it is then I apologise)

That aside, what do you think of this? Obviously it's just a basic idea. Maybe he could even start with some charcoal to fuel his fire? Or planks? 

I should mention that I have no idea how to mod but I would love to learn and hopefully make this character a real thing if it isn't already.

I would love to hear back from you guys some feedback would be great and if anyone would like to help make this a thing then that would be amazing. Thanks!

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