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Hi everybody!


I bought the game after watching an episode from a Let's Play by 5th Horseman. I was in love with Invisible Inc. From the first minute. The artstyle is fantastic! Sound and music fit very well. I'm in my happy place.


Controls work fine, UI and art assets read great, I like the design choices, upgrades, items and implants. Watching one mission on Youtube + the tutorial taught me everything I needed to know to get through a good number of missions, including a heavily guarded complex (normal difficulty).


There is one area that has some room for improvement though: item/upgrade descriptions.

The descriptions ingame add to the flavor but can be very confusing for a new player. The first time I was confronted with upgrades for Incognita I had no idea what a daemon is. A little warning that cybernetics upgrades knock you out for 1-2 turns would have been appreciated as well. That came as a nasty surprise. Not to mention that I had no idea what the upgrade actually does... =D


Is there a wiki or something where I can look information like this up. Right now I'm googling stuff and try to find comments here on the forum but I got very mixed results.


One suggestion: The readability of doors in Incognita mode would benefit from additional contrast or a symbol that stands out. Maybe like the symbol used in floor plans:

ctfQ146.gif ?


Wider bars, more saturation, a different color (blue maybe) would be nice.


Anyway, I'm having great fun with Invisible Inc., especially since it already feels very polished. I almost missed this jewel in the flood of weaker Early Access games. Some advertising wouldn't hurt. A bit more presence on Youtube, some interviews?


Have you thought about TF2 hats already? I know, it will be horrible for a couple of weeks, it always is. But maybe an idea for release and the artstyles would go together very well.. Other dev studios have done it and it didn't hurt their business. They are easy to work with from what I've heard, too.


Keep up the good work and have fun!

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