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Alternative payment option for alpha?

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Hi there,Hope I'm not putting this up in the wrong category and I apologize, since this question may have been asked before.I was wondering if there is any chance of using an alternative payment option like paysafe in near future, while the game is still in it's alpha(concerning the low price u know ^^ I don't want to end up paying 15 bucks @ steam later ._. ). I really want to buy the game but I do not use credit cards or such but do all my purchases via paysafe/paypal. I know I know, "trading" you would suggest me now, but 1: I do not rly trust in such things. 2: Even if I would, i would not know HOW to do it and 3:Even if I knew, I didn't know how to find someone who is ready to trade a Copy.

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Hey man! i have the extra copy, i you want it we could trade it for some 5 buck steam game or 2 tf2keys add me. My steam ID it's Censored


edit: the trade was succesful.

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