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Maybe I should have posted it in suggestions but I just wanted to see if there are any plans for a "hell-run" in the finished story mode. 

The "hell-run" is a reference to Spelunky HD. The game has two endings. One you get if you survive all 4 worlds and beat the final boss. However there is an extra world (hell) and extra boss. To get there the player has to additionally collect certain items from each world. Getting there requires a pretty good knowledge of the game and lots of skill (while getting to hell might be a bit more difficult depending on generated maps, there is no luck required to get there.) 

Now, while it is difficult to say how the final campaign for Invisible Inc. will look like it seems like a neat idea to put something like that into the game. There might be a special final uber-difficult mission as a reward for it, together with an opportunity for a higher score and maybe some extra story ending bit. 

As Invisible Inc. doesn't have a linear progression (at least right now) the required items might spawn in certain order. for example the first might spawn on your 2nd or 3rd mission, the second on 5th or 6th etc.

The tasks to be performed might vary. maybe first item would spawn in a secured room way beyond your level. Or maybe they would be secured by red door or in one of the special vaults. Another task might require to drag a specific NPC character or a guard to the elevator and abduct him for interrogation.


If the game will have a couple story-related missions (like the one serving as the ending for the story mode right now,) they might be side objectives for those missions. 

I might be off in what I think the final campaign will look like and maybe creating these "side-objectives" would be a very bad idea. Still it might a nice challenge for players who get comfortable with beating the game with basic objectives.

Any thoughts?


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