PS Vita Perfomance... Framerate Drop!

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im getting a lot of Lag on Don't Starve for Psvita, especially during winter.

i like to know if Klei is aware of this, and if yes, are you guys working on a fix for it?


I play a lot on ps4, and now im playing more on VITA.


I should be forever in love with klei if we had a corss save feature !!!!!!!!



srry for the english, i know i sux in it!

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Ok so I am wondering the same thing. Don't starve is one of the best games I have played in a long long time. This is also a game that has significant performance issues and will this be fixed? It is such a shame to offer such a great gaming experience and then hinder that experience with poor optimization. Please please please fix these issues...It's such an awesome game and I don't want to have to find something else to fill the void due to this fact. 

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Before all, thanks for this awesome game 


Klei... an answer ? something ?

Please don't let us down, I only got a vita, and it's juste impossible to play when winter is coming, 

Ive made a normal camp and a winter anti- drop frame camp ! 

this is really what you are selling? :/




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