[General] - Giving Telltale Heart kicked me from server


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Issue Title: Giving Telltale Heart kicked me from server

Issue Description: I was playing on my friend's server, and it was around day 9. I was Willow and he was WX-78. We had both died, but we flew around as ghosts until I found a touchstone, which revived me. I went back to our main camp to craft a Telltale Heart and revive my friend. When I gave the Telltale Heart to my friend, I was kicked from the server and could not rejoin. He also did not get revived either.

Steps to Reproduce: I was Willow and my friend was WX-78. We had both just died to a wolf attack on day 9, but then we explored the map a little as ghosts. I found a touchstone and revived myself with it, and then headed back to camp. After picking up my stuff and healing up a bit, I crafted a Telltale Heart and gave it to my friend at camp--which kicked me from the server and prevented me from joining the server (until he made a new one). Neither of us had connection issues before or after this event.

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