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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Startup Video

Issue Description: This is my second attempt to report this lame bug. The link to this bug report is amateur at best. It doesn't detect that I'm not a registered user before I go through a lot of trouble and effort to describe my problem. Because of this, I have entered the below twice; once before creating a profile which I was not prompted to do until all of the information below was lost....nice and thanks much!!!

I love the game...add some professional development standards, please.

After every update, the starting resolution gets overwritten with a setting that does not show the entire interface. In fact, it shows so little of the interface that I can't play the game. Why can't the program detect my system's current video setting like every other professional piece of software on the market today.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. See the attachment, "after update.png". This occurs with every single update.

2. See the settings that get overwritten with each and every single update; attachment, "overwritten settings.png."

3. See how I have to HACK "main.lui" each and every single solitary time you update the game; attachment, "HACKED settings.png."

4. See how the interface works after I hack the game after every single solitary 10 day update; attachment, "interface HACKED.png".

5. Really? Early access or not, why can't your game detect my machine's common video settings?

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