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Lag problems!

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Does anyone know how to stop my game from lagging? The pick up and hit animations work very slowly and because of lag I got almost killed by Beefalos, thought I was wearing a log suit (I think that because of the lag, the log suit was unresponsive or something). Then I ate a raw carrot and lost health instead of gaining it. I need help in this, otherwise I can't play DST. I'm using a laptop, I have Virgin media internet, 3GB ram and I play from United Kingdom (England). May be my location causes lag for me as servers could be hosted from the US?

EDIT: Ooops, wrong section. Someone please move this to DST general section?

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I noticed that issue too. It depend on many things. Like the host's ping and net speed and even yours too. If you're playing while replying to steam messages or browsing the net, your lag will definitely increase without the increase of ping. Well, this is my own experience.

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