[Graphics] - Invisible Body Parts

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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Invisible Body Parts
Issue Description: When playing the game, I keep coming across guards (and in some instances agents) with most (and in one case with Dr. Xu almost all) body parts being invisible. I decided to finally take a screenshot of one such instance. I remember reading a bug report about this much earlier--probably around the second release--but this hadn't started happening to me until the last release (release 4). Also in the screenshot you'll note that the alarm tracker isn't showing how many turns until it raises and Internationale, though in cover, is still rendered in full color (this only happened since this most recent release #5 and seemingly only with her)

Steps to Reproduce: Start a level and keep an eye out for missing parts.


edited to add the screenshot

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Can you post more screenshots of the problem? Both because I'm curious if the problem is of the exact same nature, and that screenshot made me laugh so hard I shed a few tears.


I don't know what's funnier, the invisible guard standing there with no body, or the guard's "DERP" face on the bottom left.

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