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Rage time!!!

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Ok so i wanted to know what were yours "RAGE TIMES" in this game... like when did you wanted to uninstall the game becouse something happend or something like that. Mine is when i got to day 63 and i went searching for silk so i killed many spiders and aquired many silk and monster meat, so i was all happy and i got home safetlly and i noticed that i have small number of science points so i started to throwing things i dont need in the machine and then i took the monster meat and moved the mouse over my head and started eating it (it was eaven cooked monster meat) i had like 15-20 HP and i died... i wanted to uninstall the game becouse i was so nervus i said i wont play this game anymore, but i played it again in like 10 minutes xD... so what is your worst RAGE TIME in Dont Starve ???

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