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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Visibility issue
Issue Description: After the 4th update(or maybe 3rd? not sure), I've noticed some cases of abnormal line-of-sight appearances. For example, sometimes a hacked camera would not show one side of its room. Another example would be from guards' line-of-sight. Some tiles that should show as noticed are considered as blank tile, as if there were no one watching. I will add screenshots of the two examples I've just mentioned. The last example, of which I do not have the screenshot, is from the line-of-sight of captain of detention centers. Usually, when entering the cell room, there is a tile where it is supposed to be just 'noticed' tile, but after the 4th update, sometimes the same tile would be 'watched' and captain would go in overwatch. I wish I can explain the third example with screenshot, because it's been actually one of my sweet exploit points in 'classic style' detention centers(not the new types added in 4th update.).


EDIT: Please ignore "visibility3" file that I previously attached. Only 2, 4 and 5 matter. I tried to delete the image file "visibility3" because it did not point the right tile I was trying to show you.

You can see that from "visibility2" that the 'yellow' tile which should show as noticed is just blank, and when I step on it the guard would not see me. "visibility4" and "visibility5" shows the camera not showing one side of its room. 

Steps to Reproduce: I did not notice any regularity in these cases. They just happen when I hack a camera or when I try to pass by a guard etc.




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