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Teleportato/New World+ Change Settings

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I would like to have the option to change the World Settings when using the Teleportato/Wooden thing to go to a new world.

After a search, I've seen a few topics regarding this in the last 2 years, but no official response from the devs. Is it not possible to implement?


For me this has been the only reason I stopped playing DS and just waiting for DST (mainly for PVP). I don't want to invest time in a character/world without having this option to adjust the world settings, making the new world harder or even easier, while keeping my unlocked recipes and some of my resources. After hundreds of hours of playing I find the beggining of the game extremely boring and just tedious, even in Default Plus. Once I "beat" the current world, setup my base and neither hounds or giants pose a threat anymore, the world becomes stagnant and the only thing left is just more base building, while the challenge/survival part of the game is completely gone.


The only thing that I was able to do, to keep the ever-escalating threat aspect of the game, was modding the number of hounds/giants or just the damage of all monsters increase directly proportional with the in-game days.

Having the option to adjust world settings for the new world would definetly bring more replayability to the game while keeping the early part of a new world fun.


P.S. If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or knows of any mods that make the game more challenging not just in the beggining of the game but also in the end-game (by providing and ever-escalating threat concept) please let me know.

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