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Category: General

Issue Title: Lua Errors When Opening Chest

Issue Description: Me and my friend recently got dont starve together keys we activated them and the game was working perfect until we jumped down in a worm hole found a camp my friend opened the chest and there was haunted torches that burned everything. Suddenly Alot of lua errors popped up on his screen and he couldnt do anything than just to close the game and start it up agian. He tried to open it again and the same thing happened. When he opened his game again alot of our progress has been lost. He could open a chest we've made but i think it was the haunted torches, im not sure after all. I only know that he opened a chest with haunted torches they jumped out and they burned everything and also him. Sorry if i wasnt to enough help, i just dont know what happened. Thats all the information i could give I didn't see it but i hope you can fix it somehow.


Steps to Reproduce: Try to open a chest with some haunted torches near something that can be set on fire, inklusing you. I dont know if it was just that but i tried to get as much information out of him as possible.

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