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Don't starve poetry: i am bad at poetry

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So guys, I thought  would write a poem dedicated to several things don't starve (well, several poems really).


Here's the first one, ahem:




I'm sitting here, I am ok, I fell quite allright

but around me, desperate-ness holds a bait

I sit still, calm down and hold my sanity tight

Now all I do is wait


I cannot say I'm too insane

It's all ok with me

but am I one to really blame

when I say: "Klei, I want a god darn key!"


I'll make more if I feel like it.

Don't kill me for that one, it's mostly a joke.




I don't thin don't starve is scary

But one thing does make we wary


It's not the spiders, nor the ghosts

and not DST's power-hungry hosts


It's something worse than killer bees

Ah, screw it, im saying it: Trees.


The way they wake, destroy it all

the way they wake up with a nasty yawn


their faces, demonic-looking so

when i see them i want to go


there's only 1 way to keep me calm

and that's to BURN them BURN THEM ALL.

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