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Tool To Get It A Door To Adventure Mode

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1 :first you need been instaled a minimap mod to see in minimap .

2 :Second You Need To See The Door In The Minimap.

3 :Third The Door To Adventure Is Everywhere In Forest You Can See Door In A Forest

4 :Four The Door Teleport You To Other World The 1 First Mision Is Survive In The Winter

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1 :  First, you need have installed a minimap mod to see the Adventure Door icon in the map . (mod has to display the entire map)

2 : Then, you need to locate the Adventure Door in the Minimap.

Tip : The Door To Adventure Mode only spawns in the forest biome, you can see the door in a forest.

3 : The Door will teleport you into a adventure mode world. You start on level one, but the challenges you face are random each adventure mode attempt.


- Possible translation

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